[Debian Logo] Debian GNU/Linux in the Bay Area

🇺🇦Bay Area Debian (BAD)

Bay Area Debian is a loose collection of Debian developers and enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The Bay Area has a large linux-using population, large enough to make a group like Bay Area Debian possible. The group currently has over 100 members.

Bay Area Debian is not (yet) a formal linux user's group. It's more like an informal Debian SIG of other linux user's groups in the Bay Area, including BALUG and SVLUG.

Bay Area Debian currently has get-togethers on the second Wednesday of many months.


Note that BAD may do or do some virtual meetings in the meantime - check here (or on our list - see further below) for the latest on that. Also, in the meantime, many (e.g. Linux) Open Source and related user groups, including also quite locally, have switched to virtual meetings. For more information on that, have a look at: BALUG's wiki page on COVID-19 (which includes much information on virtual meetings for many relevant user groups).

Upcoming Events

See Evan Prodromou's Shotgun Rules for planning monthly meetings - also handy for definitively answering (along with the list archive) if next upcoming meeting has been set, and relevant details.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list with archive.

Past Events